CSI Africa Risk Management (Pty) Ltd comprises of THREE distinct DIVISIONS.


Audit companies and their managerial policies, procedures and systems to identify the best possible methodology, to reduce shrinkage through effective loss control. This will be achieved in accordance to 'international best practices', guided by legal directives pertaining to the Clients's particular industry in their specific country of operation and moulded around each Client's unique business requirements.


Offers  a comprehensive Static  & Mobile (Guarding & Body Guarding) Service Solutions  to a broad base of clientele in a variety of industries. This is achieved through the application of a combination of experienced manpower complimented by advanced technologies. This enables companies and executives to concentrate on their core businesses, as we assist by reducing physical threats experienced by all businesses / executives today.

                                                                  3. LOGISTICS DIVISION

CSI Africa Risk Management, with a 'lifetime' of experience and a global network of associates at our disposal, believe that we are ideally situated to capitalize on this expertise by assisting our colleagues in the industry, O&M - Facilities & Maintenance companies and all related professionals, to competitively source logistics to professionally present their operations, in accordance to international best practices. 



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