.. offers  a comprehensive Static & Mobile (Guarding & Body Guarding) Service Solutions  to a broad base of clientele in a variety of industries. This is achieved through the application of a combination of experienced manpower complimented by advanced technologies. This enables companies and executies to concentrate on their core businesses, as we assist by reducing physical threats experienced by all businesses / executives today.


  • Static guarding services
  • Physical security (Force Protection)
  • Mobile (body guarding) services with particular emphasis on PSD, CPO, AES, Medics for Tier 1 VIP protection for international clientele
  • Special events (sports / concerts)
  • Store detectives
  • Undercover 'agents' / plants
  • Physical loss control measures
  • Specialised personnel for loss prevention  
  • Electronic monitoring / detection capabilities
  • All inclusive electronic surveillance & detection solutions (inclusive of wireless fidelity and enterprise telecommunications connectivity
  • Mobile & static Radar systems (for farm protection and anti-poaching operations)
  • Viewing CCTV footage / profiling
  • International secure courier services 



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