-: RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM :-                                                             -:CHRISTMAS AWARD:-

Christmas has come early this year (2016) for Mr SIPHO Njani (Snr  Area Manager) of the  CSI  Risk  Management  Team, as  he  was handed the  keys  to  his  ‘new car’  this  morning  by a member of  the  CSI  Management  Team – Ms Cecilia Spire.    This  is  in  recognition  of  the  past  4  years of faithful and diligent service to the Group.    SIPHO is currently undergoing a strong, lengthy  Mentorship  program  within  the Group,  to assist  in  building his skills  and capabilities,  affording   him   an   opportunity   of   improving  his   general  operational   and  management  qualities.                       

                          ‘Well done’  Mr Njani and we wish you the greatest success for the future.

                                                 -:RETIREMENT – AWARD:-                                                                                                                                              

The   CSI   Africa   Risk   Management  Team    is   both   over - joyed  and  saddened  to  bid farewell to one of its’  most dedicated and committed stalwarts – Mr JOSEPH DIERGAARDT, who has finally decided to ‘ride off into the sunset’ and begin his well-earned retirement.                                                                                                                                                                             He  has  served  his  country  well  over  the  years  –  firstly as an officer of the SADF  SAKK Regiment  (Faure  Cape  Town);  followed  by many  years  with  one  of  the  largest  private security corporations of the Helderberg  Basin   namely  KNIGHT  SECURITY  GROUP  in  the  1990’s (CSI’s founding company), then many more years in the 2000’s with  the  4th  largest locally owned and managed private security  corporation  in  SA –  namely,   Command Sec. Services  and finally;  spent  the  last  decade back with the ‘founding family’ and their latest venture – CSI Africa Risk Management. Mr Diergaardt  was  handed  the  obligatory  ‘gold watch’   together  with  a sizable donation towards  his  Provident  and   Retirement   Funds  by  the  CSI  Management,  at  an informal ceremony at the Head Quarters of CSI Africa Risk  Management  in  the  Strand, Cape  Town this morning – Thursday 17th November 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                              ‘Fare thee well’ Mr Diergaardt and we all  wish  you  the  very  best  and  many,  many  more  years  of good  health  and happiness.                                          

                                                              GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU.

                                         -: STATIC SECURITY (GUARDING) :-

                                             RETAIL DIVISION - AWARD


We  are  proud  to  announce  the presentation  of  the  CSI  Africa  Risk Management   - ‘Award  for  Service Excellence’,   to  Snr. Security  Officer Mr. Mawethu Hemming Oila (right) - a member of our Retail Division.   

This award   stems  from  an  incident  at  our  Client’s premises earlier this  month  (Feb.2013), where the  Officer concerned displayed  "extreme  trustworthiness    and    strength   of  character"   while  dealing with  a  large sum of cash.

The Shareholders, Management and Staff of CSI Africa Risk Man. are joined by the Management of our  Client,  represented here by the Chief  Buyer –  Mr.  Marko Thiart (left), in congratulating the Officer concerned.
















































































































































































































































































































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