CSI Africa Risk Management has collected a lifetime of expertise in the field of Risk Mitigation Management, Static (Guarding) & Mobile (Body Guarding) Security Solutions, enhanced by extensive access to Operational Logistics & Support and is ready to impart these experiences to our Clients.


CSI Africa Risk Management , born out of the well known risk mitigation company established in 2006 – Cost Saving Investments Africa and founded on the principles of ‘effective security through sound management techniques’, is the brainchild of two of the SA Security Industry leaders, who previously created one of the most successful security companies  in the Helderberg Basin from 1990  to  2000 – Knight Security Group of Companies. 


The collective experience of the CSI Africa Risk Management Senior Management team, spans over one century, 4 continents and 19 countries.

They have a firm foundation in Law Enforcement, Military & Security Sectors across the world . Their security experience extends into some of the more ‘hostile environments’ in both Southern &  West Africa, East Asia and the Middle East.



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